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Product Marketing Strategy was created to be a resource of building blocks of marketing strategy including thoughts dealing with the Product Life Cycle.

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Research shows that 1/2 of all decisions fail. This website was created to help improve decision-making for both people and organizations.

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Product Marketing Strategy was created to be a resource of building blocks of marketing strategy including thoughts dealing with the Product Life Cycle. 

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Sales Management Insights is the compilation of learnings from my experience as Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing across a variety of industries working with hundreds of different sales people and organizations. 

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Product Innovation Now is the collection of what I learned about Marketing New Product and it’s application inside organizations.               

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Engaged Leadership Now was created to be a resource of leadership actions that have worked, rather than the trial and error process of learning from leadership actions that didn’t work. 

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The Cannon Advantage helps clarify sales, marketing and leadership issues for manufacturers, explore opportunities rather than fix problems, provide education about tools to achieve their business goals, and empower the people in small to mid size manufacturing marketing organizations to achieve higher levels of success!

10 Benefits of Hiring Cannon Advantage

manufacturer marketing in Burton, OH10. Over 30 years of experience working for different companies, in different industries means that your organization benefits from the collective wisdom of these organizations and industries.

9. With a B.A., an M.B.A. and advanced studies at the Weatherhead School of Management means that you benefit from the training and discipline that comes from these scholarly endeavors.

8. Since past performance is a predictor of future performance, Bob’s track record of success means that Bob can produce similar results for your organization.

7. Bob’s skills as a professional communicator ( Member of the National Speakers Association) means that your organization will quickly learn and adopt the necessary steps to enhance performance and profitability.

6. Certification in “Igniting Positive Change in Business & Society” from the Weatherhead School of Management means that your organization benefits from a proven process to rapidly initiate change on a large scale.

5. The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is internationally recognized and has been awarded to fewer than 1% of all active professional management consultants in the United States. This insures that you are working with a true professional in his field.

4. Being a co-founder of an Internet E-commerce company that survived the dot bomb era is just one example of Bob’s unusual awareness of new technology and the latest thinking that has proven to provide benefits for employers and clients alike.

3. In addition to being described as professional, Bob has frequently been referred to as comfortable. This means that he can work effectively in your organization at every level from the janitorial staff to the corporate boardroom.

2. Creativity demonstrated by his U.S. Patent Number 4,238,871 or getting $1 million worth of advertising exposure on a $500,000 budget means that you are going to get more than just conventional wisdom when you hire Bob.

1. Bob has chosen to work as a sole provider which means that he can provide real value to his clients since there isn’t a fancy office and staff to support. When additional help is needed, Bob has access to a network of other independent providers upon whom he can call as needed.

Find out how your organization can reap the benefits from the Cannon Advantage for manufacturer marketing in Burton, OH.

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    head-and-sholders  Robert Cannon

       With over 30 years of expertise in manufacturing marketing, and leadership, Bob creates innovative systems, products and services for small to mid-size manufacturers. Contact Bob today for more information on the Cannon Advantage services and solutions.