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Product Marketing Strategy was created to be a resource of building blocks of marketing strategy including thoughts dealing with the Product Life Cycle.

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Research shows that 1/2 of all decisions fail. This website was created to help improve decision-making for both people and organizations.

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Product Marketing Strategy was created to be a resource of building blocks of marketing strategy including thoughts dealing with the Product Life Cycle. 

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Sales Management Insights is the compilation of learnings from my experience as Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing across a variety of industries working with hundreds of different sales people and organizations. 

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Product Innovation Now is the collection of what I learned about Marketing New Product and it’s application inside organizations.               

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Engaged Leadership Now was created to be a resource of leadership actions that have worked, rather than the trial and error process of learning from leadership actions that didn’t work. 

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The Cannon Advantage helps clarify sales, marketing and leadership issues for manufacturers, explore opportunities rather than fix problems, provide education about tools to achieve their business goals, and empower the people in small to mid size manufacturing marketing organizations to achieve higher levels of success!




Over the course of my career, I have come to understand that when there is balance, success can be achieved. When there is imbalance, success is temporary or illusive. For Example:

Balance ( Vision & Change) = Sustainability

Balance (Plan & Agility) = Performance

Balance (Strategy & Execution) = Profitability

Balance (Customer, Owners, & Employees) = Ethics

Balance (all of the above) = Excellence

First and foremost, you need a Vision. It is no more complicated than stating what it is that you want to accomplish. It must include the answer to the question Why? It also must be constantly nourished with repeated visualizations of the desired outcome and regularly written affirmations. The vision is not a one time thing, it must become a part of your daily life.

All visions are the result of knowledge. (All too frequently, they are the result of limited knowledge.) But creating the vision doesn’t end after the initial creation just as gaining knowledge is not a one time proposition. If new knowledge isn’t gained or incorporated into the vision, then the endeavor fails. There must be balance.

The same can be said of the plan which is nothing more than an outline of the steps to be undertaken to achieve the vision. If something changes and new knowledge is gained, the plan or steps must also change to allow the vision to succeed. Changing the plan is agility.

Strategy and Execution must also balance. A great strategy without execution will produce the same results as great execution and a lousy strategy. Balance!

Another area of balance that has been important in my life is balancing the needs of the customer, the owners of the business I represented and my fellow employees. Every solution to every problem caused me to think about each of these constituencies. I believe that if you can balance the needs of these constituents, you will have an ethical solution.

Finally, if you can achieve balance in all of these areas, you will be approaching excellence.

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    head-and-sholders  Robert Cannon

       With over 30 years of expertise in manufacturing marketing, and leadership, Bob creates innovative systems, products and services for small to mid-size manufacturers. Contact Bob today for more information on the Cannon Advantage services and solutions.