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Product Marketing Strategy was created to be a resource of building blocks of marketing strategy including thoughts dealing with the Product Life Cycle.

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Research shows that 1/2 of all decisions fail. This website was created to help improve decision-making for both people and organizations.

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Product Marketing Strategy was created to be a resource of building blocks of marketing strategy including thoughts dealing with the Product Life Cycle. 

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Sales Management Insights is the compilation of learnings from my experience as Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing across a variety of industries working with hundreds of different sales people and organizations. 

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Product Innovation Now is the collection of what I learned about Marketing New Product and it’s application inside organizations.               

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Engaged Leadership Now was created to be a resource of leadership actions that have worked, rather than the trial and error process of learning from leadership actions that didn’t work. 

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The Cannon Advantage helps clarify sales, marketing and leadership issues for manufacturers, explore opportunities rather than fix problems, provide education about tools to achieve their business goals, and empower the people in small to mid size manufacturing marketing organizations to achieve higher levels of success!

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Marketing for Manufacturers

Dec 14 2013

Marketing for ManufacturersMarketing for Manufacturers is a multi-faceted set of issues. Rather than trying to cover the marketing for manufacturers in a single website, I have taken a different approach in creating multiple websites under the banner of Cannon Advantage.

From a logical standpoint, you might want to start with Product Innovation. Here you can learn about the steps involved in fostering innovation in your organization.

There is also a site devoted to Marketing New Product. Here you can learn about the different aspects of taking your new product idea from concept to launch.

Product Marketing Strategy is about maximizing profits from your new product over the life of the product.

Marketing for manufacturers also includes a website devoted to Product Market Management. This site focuses on the relationships both inside and outside of the company that need to be managed to optimize the marketing of the product.

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Manufacturing Marketing

Aug 19 2013

manufacturing marketing in Cleveland, OHManufacturing Marketing is a specific subset of marketing. While the principles of marketing remain the same regardless of product or service, the specifics of workable strategies and tactics will vary depending on what you are marketing. Marketing for manufacturers is unique in that there are certain aspects of manufacturing marketing that must be recognized as a part of the marketing mix that must be accommodated.

For example, lead times, packaging, shipping and much more are a critical factors in building a workable marketing plan for manufacturing that don’t really exist in marketing services. Product or Market management is another part of marketing that is totally different for manufacturers. The feedback mechanisms required for marketing for manufacturers are critical.

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Welcome to The Cannon Advantage

Feb 21 2013

cannonWelcome to The Cannon Advantage: Marketing for Manufacturers & Inventors website. Actually this is our third website since we began doing business in 2001. Our website has evolved as our business has evolved and this new website is a gateway to information gathered from a career of over 30 years.

The Cannon Advantage website is a portal to 10 different websites each focused on a specific aspect of marketing including one for Coal Oil Johnny. On these sites you will find articles, best practices, exercises to improve outcomes and insights gained from a career spent working and learning about all aspects of marketing. There are three primary areas of focus including:

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head-and-sholders  Robert Cannon

   With over 30 years of expertise in manufacturing marketing, and leadership, Bob creates innovative systems, products and services for small to mid-size manufacturers. Contact Bob today for more information on the Cannon Advantage services and solutions.