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Product Marketing Strategy was created to be a resource of building blocks of marketing strategy including thoughts dealing with the Product Life Cycle.

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Research shows that 1/2 of all decisions fail. This website was created to help improve decision-making for both people and organizations.

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Product Marketing Strategy was created to be a resource of building blocks of marketing strategy including thoughts dealing with the Product Life Cycle. 

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Sales Management Insights is the compilation of learnings from my experience as Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing across a variety of industries working with hundreds of different sales people and organizations. 

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Product Innovation Now is the collection of what I learned about Marketing New Product and it’s application inside organizations.               

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Engaged Leadership Now was created to be a resource of leadership actions that have worked, rather than the trial and error process of learning from leadership actions that didn’t work. 

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The Cannon Advantage helps clarify sales, marketing and leadership issues for manufacturers, explore opportunities rather than fix problems, provide education about tools to achieve their business goals, and empower the people in small to mid size manufacturing marketing organizations to achieve higher levels of success!

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Situational Management

Jul 01 2013

Situational ManagementSituational Management is now competing with widely accepted principles of good management. Clayton Christensen outlined this idea in his book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma”. The finding confirms my own experience with my first job out of college.

Talon was a $350 million company and the world leader in zippers. They had an incredible feeder system for hiring and training managers that brought together some of the best and brightest people I have ever had the privilege of working with. During the 1940’s, 50’s and early 60’s, Talon was growing like crazy. Today, they are non existent.

In my opinion, Talon made several mistakes that caused their demise. The biggest mistake came on the heels of the advent of nylon zippers. While Talon and developed the first metal zippers, they had to acquire their nylon zipper technology from overseas. The first technology they acquired was for small nylon zippers suitable for women’s dresses and men’s trousers. This was hugely successful and Talon went on to further develop this technology and distance themselves from the competition in small nylon zippers.

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head-and-sholders  Robert Cannon

   With over 30 years of expertise in manufacturing marketing, and leadership, Bob creates innovative systems, products and services for small to mid-size manufacturers. Contact Bob today for more information on the Cannon Advantage services and solutions.