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Product Marketing Strategy was created to be a resource of building blocks of marketing strategy including thoughts dealing with the Product Life Cycle.

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Research shows that 1/2 of all decisions fail. This website was created to help improve decision-making for both people and organizations.

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Product Marketing Strategy was created to be a resource of building blocks of marketing strategy including thoughts dealing with the Product Life Cycle. 

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Sales Management Insights is the compilation of learnings from my experience as Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing across a variety of industries working with hundreds of different sales people and organizations. 

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Product Innovation Now is the collection of what I learned about Marketing New Product and it’s application inside organizations.               

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Engaged Leadership Now was created to be a resource of leadership actions that have worked, rather than the trial and error process of learning from leadership actions that didn’t work. 

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The Cannon Advantage helps clarify sales, marketing and leadership issues for manufacturers, explore opportunities rather than fix problems, provide education about tools to achieve their business goals, and empower the people in small to mid size manufacturing marketing organizations to achieve higher levels of success!

Why vs How Leadership

There are three styles of leadership: Why Leadership, How Leadership, and the combination of Why & How Leadership.

Why LeadershipExperience and research have proven to me that only one of these works well over the long haul. The others are fads and may work for a while, but they don’t elevate and engage the employee. Consequently they will fail.

How leadership is a negative style of leadership and will fail. It is focused on how to do something and limits employees to that singular approach to how to do something. Invariably, people will experiment. Some will find better ways, some will stick to the original how and some will move to less effective ways of doing the same thing.  How leadership will force those with less effective ways of doing something back to the norm, but it will also destroy any chance of recognition and improvement with the better way to do the specific task at hand. It then destroys creativity and ownership of the outcomes.

The combination of How and Why Leadership is the command and control approach. It destroys the individual and tells them that they are nothing more than a machine needed to accomplish a task. It kills creativity. It is demoralizing. It will increase employee turnover and costs will climb.

Why leadership offers the greatest chance for success. It engages the employee in the why or vision. It fosters creativity and ownership. The why process makes the employee central to the success of the endeavor rather than a machine repeating the exact same steps over and over. The why approach encourages individuality and personality that will be quickly recognized and valued by customers.

Rob Markey of the HBR Blog Network provides a great example in his post entitled, “Leading by Letting Go“.

When implementing Why Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry can be a very effective tool for rapid implementation. Call (216) 408-9495 for more information.


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